Speechless is my second blog.  It came about during months of anxiety about sitting down and the computer and completing one of my many writing project — just one.  I was paralyzed by the daunting size of the task and fear of failure.  During these months, two friends of mine began fiction writing careers and completed the first draft of their manuscripts at what seemed like warp speed.  I am thrilled for them, and fiction is not my immediate focus.  I didn’t feel competitive with them, but I worried that there might be something seriously wrong with me since the other two had no problems completing a thought — completing their first manuscript.  One of my dear friends brilliantly created a blog written through the voice of her characters.

I know there are as many people like me out there who are struggling to find their voice and their courage as there are about my two friends.  Speechless is meant to share my journey with other writers who find themselves stifled and to hopefully give them a sense of solidarity that will give them the strength to make it through the fog.


One Response to “About”

  1. 1 dellamarinis

    Hey, you didn’t tell me about this – no doubt because you’ve been busy writing 🙂 (which btw flows from you with seeming effortlessness). Good luck with your project, it will come gradually, fitfully, sometimes painfully but will no doubt be an ultimate success!!
    Much love,

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